How Apple Cider Vinegar May Help You Lose Weight

So you may have heard that apple cider vinegar is kind of like this miracle cure-all for all sorts of health issues from toe fungus to getting rid of lice to disinfecting your home as an all-purpose cleaner.

While there have been studies showing not all of the benefits are significant, there is one well-researched and studied benefit of apple cider vinegar - specifically when it comes to eating carbohydrates

Apple Cider Vinegar helps change your body’s response to carbohydrates

Vinegar, when consumed at the same time as food, lowered the glycemic response to food, specifically carbohydrates.

This is a very good thing. But why? Let’s talk about the glycemic response.

What is a glycemic response?

Note that glycemic response is a fancy way of describing the body’s processing of carbohydrates and sugar. In a nutshell:

Eat sugar —> Goes into blood stream —> Body produces insulin —> Processes sugar —> Blood sugar level drops

A strong glycemic response is usually bad because it leads to you feeling tired and lethargic - that “after lunch” effect that you’ve probably felt in an afternoon work meeting where you feel like you could almost pass out.

This is a bad thing. If you’re having this reaction, your body is most likely insulin resistant - which means that your body is overloaded with carbohydrates and can’t control its blood sugar well, which is keeping your metabolism slow and is helping your body store (and keep) fat.

This also means more than likely you’re getting hungrier more often and more quickly if your blood sugar swings up and down.

That’s where ACV comes in

In this study, when vinegar administered with food (white bread specifically) reduced the body’s glycemic response by over 30%.

That’s pretty cool - instead of your blood sugar spiking and then crashing, the body’s blood sugar stayed much more level and smooth.

If you think of blood sugar levels like the surface of the ocean, you want to have nice gentle waves - not giant tsunami spikes - and that is what vinegar helps your body do.

Okay, you say, this is great. But am I supposed to take vinegar shots with food?

You can, but you don’t have to.

That’s where this gets fun! There are a few fun and delicious ways to incorporate apple cider vinegar into your meals.

Apple Cider Vinegar as Salad Dressing


Do you know what the number one recipe for apple cider vinegar is when it comes to food? If you guessed salad dressing, you would be correct!

A nice apple cider vinaigrette not only will help you to eat your lunch to not cause your blood sugar to crash, but is also pretty dang tasty when drizzled over salad, veggies or even chicken or fish.

By adding it to your food, you’re going to be able to tolerate the carbohydrates in your meal much more easily, and will hopefully help you to stave off that glycemic response and blood sugar crash that happens.

I know that I personally feel a lot better if I have a vinaigrette salad dressing at lunch - which this now explains why I always feel better and don’t get that 3:00 crash.

Apple Cider Vinegar Pickles

Okay, so say that salads aren’t your thing. What about pickles?

I personally love a big crunchy and crisp pickle, especially in the heat of summer. There’s something about that sour, salty fresh taste that just is the perfect accompaniment to any meal.

In this study, the addition of a pickled vegetable to a meal had the same effect of decreasing the glycemic response by 30%. And it’s not only dill pickles - pickled veggies like peppers, olives, sauerkraut or beets would all have the same benefits.

I personally think there’s a reason why delis packaged cucumbers with sandwiches. In addition to being a great flavor contrast to a sandwich, I think somehow people knew that eating a pickle would help with the digestion of food.

Although many pickles are made using white vinegar, you can also make your own using apple cider vinegar. It’s easy, and you can find a recipe to make your own here.

It’s like magic

To be honest, I liked pickles and salad dressing before this - I’ve always had a thing for sour and tangy foods - but this has just further cemented in my mind that apple cider vinegar is a magical elixir that helps to control my glycemic response and keeps my blood sugar more level, keeping my appetite under control, helping me feeling full longer and keeping the pounds off.