A Day In the Life of Keto Kelly

So I know that this may sound stupid, but whenever I think about the keto diet I always imagine this prototypical person.

Her name is Keto Kelly. Cheesy, I know, but it will help you understand the actually day-to-day ins and outs of a keto diet more if we pretend like she’s a real person.

Keto Kelly is in her forties. She owns a home business, has kids and a husband who works. She’s pretty busy taking care of her business, shuttling the kids between ballet and soccer and debate team practices, and still manages to have dinner on the table at six. Amazing right? You go Kelly.

However, Keto Kelly has noticed some things about her body and health that she doesn’t like. For one, she is gaining weight. Despite being an athlete in high school and keeping fit and trim her entire life by running several miles every day, she’s noticing that she has a belly and a muffin top that isn’t going away. She’s tried eating healthier - more vegetables and fruit, cutting out meat and junk food, drinking smoothies and tea and cutting out sugar - but it doesn’t seem to really be working.

Kelly also is tired all the time now, and she’s getting stressed out due to a busy season with her business. She’s been trying to catch up on her sleep, but alternates between insomnia and wanting to sleep all day. She’s also looking the wrinkles accumulating on her face, her arms and her legs, and can’t help but feel like she is looking old, despite having done everything right.

Additionally, she has been having issues with digestion - a lot of cramping and bloating and pain, and she’s been spending a lot of time on the toilet. She’s still battling facial hair that keeps popping up despite waxing it every couple of weeks, and she’s noticing little skin tags popping up on her body. She also may be getting hot flashes - and know it’s only a matter of time before she reaches menopausal age and has to deal with that.

That’s when Kelly discovered the keto diet. She realized that a lot of her symptoms - especially her inability to lose weight - are connected with her diet, so she starts doing the keto diet.

Instead of her morning fruit and yogurt and granola, Kelly skips breakfast, having instead a coffee blended with heavy cream and coconut oil and collagen to start her off. This coffee keeps her full throughout the morning, allowing her to concentrate on getting the kids ready for school, and then answering emails and client calls without having to worry about being hungry or battling cravings.

Kelly has a salad for lunch. Today’s salad is leftover slow cooker carnitas on a bed of Romaine with avocado, a sugar-free chipotle dressing, a dollop of sour cream and a sprinkle of Cotija cheese on top. Sometimes Kelly doesn’t even need to eat lunch, preferring a light snack of some raw milk cheese or even another coffee with heavy cream and coconut oil if she’s super busy.

Kelly likes the flexibility afforded to her by being a fat-burning machine - if she wants to eat a lunch she can, but if she gets busy with work or the kids or getting another task done, she isn’t a slave to her hunger. If she has to wait a bit to eat something, she’s okay with it - one of the many benefits of being on the keto diet.

For dinner, Kelly makes dinner for her family, taking inspiration from a keto food blog she found on Pinterest by making a low-carb beef and broccoli stir fry with plenty of coconut oil and butter and rice for her family, subbing out the usual rice with riced cauliflower for herself.

After dinner, Kelly and her husband spend time together, relaxing after a long day. While Kelly used to fall asleep on the couch after dinner, exhausted and fatigued, she now is able to chat with her husband and ask him about his day at work. Her husband comments on how good she is looking - and Kelly proudly announces that she’s already lost six pounds on the keto diet without even having to try.

The day done, Kelly goes to bed - satisfied, not battling cravings or hunger, and no longer stressed about her diet or her health or physical appearance. Although she still wants to lose more weight and get in better shape and better health, Kelly knows that it’s going to be a long-term approach and she will just need to keep sticking to a high fat, low carb diet in the future to reach her goals.