6 Reasons Why I Personally Love the Keto Diet

I love the keto diet. I think that it’s a great diet for a lot of people to get their health under control, lose weight, achieve their health goals and feel better and happier. It’s very popular right now, and for good reason - it works.

Before I started on the keto diet, I did a lot of research on the diet and was pretty impressed by the science behind it. However, it’s one thing to read about it and another thing to actually do it, so I wanted to just share a little bit of my keto journey with you.

I wanted to share in particular some of the benefits I experienced from doing the keto diet. Not everything was what I expected either!


I’ve found that I’m particularly prone to fungal overgrowths of my skin when I eat too many carbs. I get itchy patches (especially in winter) as well as painful acne and dandruff with too many carbs. As I found out later, carbs feed the fungus that causes all these issues, so that totally makes sense.

In addition, the extra fat and protein from the keto diet really help to ensure that my skin has all the nutrients it needs to create a soft and supple skin. Collagen (which most people don’t get enough of) is particularly important for ensuring that I keep my skin healthy and smooth.


I found that my digestion was tons better on the keto diet. No more cramping, bloating, constipation, flatulence or other issues that I had found with other diets.

In fact, one of the issues I had with the keto diet was constipation - which usually resolved itself. I made sure also that I ate a regular addition of fermented foods - kimchi, live culture sauerkraut and the occasional yogurt or kefir or kombucha (even if it did take me out of ketosis). This was to ensure that I was getting a steady stream of gut-friendly bacteria.

One word of advice: if you have SIBO or have a lot of digestion problems with large amounts of vegetable matter, you probably will have a harder time transitioning to the keto diet due to the fact that most of your carbs come from vegetables.

Read more about doing keto when you have SIBO and how to fix your gut


It’s not surprising that your energy levels get more steady and strong when on keto - as I mentioned previously, using fat as a fuel source is a much steadier and consistent energy compared to using carbohydrates as a fuel source.

However, I wasn’t really prepared for just how invulnerable I felt on keto. Like, I felt that I could really conquer anything when I was doing it. Like a well-oiled machine, my body was able to take pretty much anything I could throw its way - exercise, work, being active and socializing, physical labor and tasks - all while maintaining good energy levels.

This is one of the biggest things people talk about on keto. Everyone can use more energy, and this really is a great way to make sure you have the power to tackle your day and enjoy your life.


I sleep really well on the keto diet. I think it has something to do with the fact that I take collagen before bed, and the fact that I’m not depleting my magnesium supply with an overload of sugars (the magnesium is used up in the metabolizing process), but I have great sleep - waking up feeling refreshed and before my alarm goes off.


I used to feel overwhelmed when I would go to the grocery store and look at everything. There were times when I would even just walk up and down the aisles, staring and searching at the thousands of items that were available. Like the thirty two salsa varieties.

Now with keto, I find myself restricted mostly to the whole food areas of the grocery store. There are some keto pantry staples that I always buy - cream cheese, cheddar, butter, arugula avocados and romaine lettuce - and it doesn’t really change beyond that. I can literally pick up everything I need in a two minute sweep of the store.

I just love the simplicity of it, instead of having to make a list and then drive back to the store when I inevitably forget an item that’s necessary for dinner.


Seriously. What other diet allows you to eat a spinach-artichoke dip without feeling guilt? Very few, that’s for sure.

In addition to the high fat recipes, I also get to eat fresh crisp delicious vegetables. But more importantly, your tastebuds are now in tune - instead of wanting to get a fix of sugar, they are tasting things on a normal level. Romaine lettuce and broccoli taste sweet, and iceberg lettuce is sugary in comparison.

I come away from keto meals feeling satisfied - mentally, emotionally, and physically. This goes a long way to helping me stick with the diet and achieve my goals in the long run.