Pantry Staples for the Keto Diet

Cream Cheese

The darling of keto dieters everywhere, cream cheese is both economical and versatile for a variety of recipes. You can make casseroles, dips and sauces, even keto cheesecake - and is a godsend for the keto diet.


Whether eaten raw in a salad, steamed in a sauce, roasted with olive oil or baked into dishes, broccoli is a great vegetable to have on hand. It really helps to add good texture to any dish, especially baked dishes like broccoli cheese casserole.

Shredded Cheddar Cheese

Shredded cheddar cheese is the key element to keto taco shells, but is excellent melted on top of keto enchiladas, scrambled eggs, cauliflower mac and cheese and many other dishes. The cheesy umami flavors help any dish become satisfying and delicious.


Avocados are the darling of vegans, paleo, and keto dieters alike. Whether being sliced over a salad, made into guacamole or even a keto chocolate pudding, avocados are an extremely versatile and healthy food to have.

Ground beef

Whether it’s for keto lasagna, burgers, enchiladas or keto shepard’s pie, ground beef is as versatile as it is economical and tasty. When we’re at a loss for dinner, we can always come up with something with ground beef.

Best to do grass-fed ground beef, but conventional ground beef will work just as well. It’s best also paired with high quality fats like coconut oil or grass-fed butter.


One of the best veggies you’ll have available on the keto diet, there is so much you can do with a good head of lettuce. Lettuce wraps, lettuce cups, salads of all sorts, as a vehicle for dips and sauces - it’s a good vegetable to have on hand.

I’d recommend Romaine lettuce since it’s my favorite, but unfortunately the CDC has it on lockdown right now due to an E. coli outbreak. So until Romaine is available on the market again I’ll recommend iceberg and butter lettuces - both of which are delicious in their own way.

Sour cream

While you’ll want to go easy with this (since it contains 1 carb per 3 tbsp and that can add up quickly) a little dollop of sour cream can really add something to any dish. Keto chili, keto tacos, keto enchiladas, omelettes and scrambled eggs all are taken to a new level with the addition of sour cream.

Hot sauce

The perfect keto sauce, because it doesn’t contain any carbohydrates. It also incidentally also goes well with a lot of the keto-friendly foods like broccoli cream cheese casserole and keto tacos.

Chicken thighs

While a lot of people like the white meat of chicken breasts, I prefer chicken thighs. They’re much more flavorful, more economical, and are easier to cook than chicken breasts (serious about that last part - you can’t dry out chicken thighs).

Whether being used for keto tacos or a stir fry or making keto chicken parmesan, they are dependable and robust, and can be used in a wide variety of recipes.

Pork rinds/chicharrones

If you haven’t experienced the wonder of pork rinds, you’re in for a treat.

The one complaint I have about the keto diet is the fact that there isn’t a whole lot of crunchy textures in it. Sure, broccoli and lettuce have a good crunch to them, but it’s not quite the same.

Pork rinds, on the other hand, have a terrific crunch. I call them bacon chips, and they are delicious on their own, but are perfect for all those foods that you would normally need a chip, cracker, pita wedge or melba toast to eat.

This is especially important for keto-friendly dips like keto guacamole - while you can eat it with a spoon, it’s a lot tastier using a pork rind as a vehicle.